Bat Boxes

Providing a home for bats in your garden or locality is just as easy and rewarding as installing a nest box for birds or any other wildlife.


Natural roosting sites for bats can become rare and our Bat Boxes are a great way to provide artificial roosts for bats, either as additional roosts for existing resident bats or to encourage bats into areas where they do not currently have any suitable roosting sites.


Our Bat Boxes come in a range of designs.  All are made of untreated softwood, using rough sawn timber to allow the bats to grip onto the inside of the box.  All boxes have a large landing area with grooves cut into them to aid the bats accessing the box and are designed to be easily mounted either on a tree or building.


It is best to have more than one box available and if they are to be sited on a tree it is good to have them arranged around the trunk of the tree so they face in different directions.

The 'Simple' Bat Box

Our best selling bat box is the 'Simple' Bat Box which, as the name suggests,  is a straightforward but effective design featuring a single roosting chamber. 

Simple Bat Box.jpg

More Bat Box Designs will be available soon.

IMPORTANT - Bats and their roosts are protected by law and it is an offence to deliberately disturb, handle or kill bats.  Once installed, Bat Boxes can only be opened and inspected by individuals who are licensed to do so.