Garden Bird Nest Boxes

Blue Tit.jpg

Our Garden Bird Nest Boxes are suitable for a large variety of common garden birds and are available in a wide range of designs and colours.  They are simple to put up anywhere in the garden and are all designed to be easily opened for clearing out old nesting material at the end of the breeding season.


Our Core Range of Bird Boxes features five different designs.  All the boxes are made of rough sawn softwood timber to provide a more rustic appearance and have a versatile 32mm diameter entrance hole to accommodate a broad range of birds including Blue Tits, Great Tits, Sparrows and many varieties of Finches. 

Basic Bird Box Brown & Pine Green.jpg

The 'Basic' Bird Box

Classic Bird Box Blue & Pine Green.jpg

The 'Classic' Bird Box

Chalet Bird Box Purple & Green.jpg

The 'Chalet' Bird Box

Penthouse Bird Box Pale Green & Pine Green.jpg

The 'Penthouse' Bird Box

Alpine Bird Box Pine Green & Brown.jpg

The 'Alpine' Bird Box

Additional images of the different designs of Bird Boxes can be viewed in the Bird Box Gallery.

The boxes come in two different finishes, Natural or Coloured.


The Natural Finish boxes are unpainted to retain the natural wood colour.  Alternatively, they are ideal for decorating yourself with any colour or pattern you may desire.


The boxes with Coloured Finish are painted in two colours, the roof being a different colour to the body of the box. 

Classic Robin Bird Box Pine Green & Brow

Specially for Robins


Robins prefer a nest box with a large entrance hole and our Robin Nesting Boxes are designed with this in mind.  They also suit other birds such as Wrens and Wagtails.  Click the link below to find out more.


Especially for Sparrows


Sparrows will often nest close to each other - our Sparrow Houses are designed specially for them.

Sparrow Terrace Natural Finish.jpg

Fancy a more ornate or decorative Bird Box?

All our Bird Boxes are made to be functional yet also be an attractive addition to the garden or locality.  If you are after a Bird Box that adds an even more decorative feature to your garden then take a look at the more ornate and intricately decorated Bird Boxes in our collection. 

Green Tudor Bird Box.jpg


Bird Box

Fairy House Bird Box Yellow & Blue.jpg

'Enchanted Garden Fairy House' Bird Box