Insect Boxes

Insects are an essential part of garden wildlife, and a great friend to gardeners by acting as pollinators for a hugely diverse range of plants, wild flowers, garden flowers, fruit and vegetables.  They are also a superb means of natural pest control as many insects, ladybirds being an excellent example, feed on aphids. We have a variety of insect boxes available that not only provide a secluded shelter and habitat for all sorts of different insect life to breed and hibernate, but also add an attractive feature to the garden.


'Tower' & 'Hotel' Insect Boxes


Our 'Tower' Insect Boxes and the 'Hotel' Insect Boxes both have three separate compartments, each filled with one of a variety of natural nesting materials.  The top section is filled with small logs and twigs whilst the other two sections are filled with pine cones, bark chips or wood chips.  They can be sited in a range of different locations, the 'Tower' Insect Box is designed to be suitable to mount on a wall, fence, tree or on a post, whilst the 'Hotel' Insect Box is intended to be left freestanding in a hedge or flower bed.  However, the 'Tower' Insect Box can also be left freestanding if you so wish and likewise the 'Hotel' Insect Box could be mounted on a suitable surface if so desired.

Insect Tower.jpg

'Tower' Insect Box

with Pine Cones & Bark Chips

Insect Hotel Pine Cones & Bark Chips.jpg

'Hotel' Insect Box

with Pines Cones & Bark Chips

Insect Hotel Pine Cones & Wood Chips.jpg

'Hotel' Insect Box

with Pine Cones & Wood Chips

'Beehive' Insect Boxes


The 'Beehive' Insect Box is a small box intended for Solitary Bees, which are excellent pollinators and therefore are important in any garden.  Available with the roof painted in one a variety of colours, or left unpainted to retain the natural wood finish.


Colours available :-

          Green, Pale Green, Pine Green,

          Brown, Blue, Dark Blue,

          Sky Blue, Purple


Beehive Pale Green.jpg
Beehive Green.jpg
Beehive Sky Blue.jpg