Other Wildlife Nesting and Habitat Boxes

It isn't only small garden birds that can be encouraged to set up home in your garden or local area.   There are many types of garden and woodland wildlife, be they birds, mammals or insects, that can be accommodated in our range of other wildlife nesting and habitat boxes.


Whilst our Garden Bird Nest Boxes are suitable for many different species of garden birds, obviously they can not provide a suitable nesting site for larger species.  As such, we also have Owl Boxes, each type designed to suit individual species of owl, and Swift Boxes which, whilst they are intended for Swifts, can also be popular with larger garden birds like Starlings.




Bat Boxes provide a good roost for the nocturnal residents of the garden and can encourage them into areas with few natural roosting sites.


Dormouse Boxes are ideal for woodland areas popular with these endangered mice.


Hedgehog Boxes provide a safe and secure garden home.


Insect Boxes make a nice home for the essential insect life of the garden - they also (unfortunately for the insects!) provide a food source for the larger wildlife higher up the food chain.

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