'Basic' Bird Box - Coloured Version

The 'Basic' Bird Nesting Box is one of our most popular bird boxes.  The design is simple and straightforward while still making a very attractive nest box, providing a perfect home for the birds in your garden whilst being great value for money.


All our bird boxes are designed so the interior of the box can be accessed to clear out old nesting material once the breeding season has finished.  The box is constructed of rough sawn softwood timber to give a more rustic appearance, is easy to put up on a tree, wall or fence and, with a 32mm entrance hole, the ‘Basic’ Bird Nesting Box is suitable for a huge variety of small common garden birds.

This Coloured Version is available painted in a combination of two colours - when selecting your choice of colours, the first colour is the body of the box, the second colour is the roof (e.g 'Green & Brown' would be a green box with a brown roof whereas 'Brown and Green' would be a brown box with a green roof).


'Basic' Bird Box - Coloured Version

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